This schedule is provisional and subject to change, so check back regularly for the latest information.

Wednesday 15th June


Practice sailing

Thursday 16th June

Match Racing Clinic

Opening Ceremony

Friday 17th June

Round Robin

Flight 1

F1M1 (Round Robin): Callahan -vs- Stapleton

F1M2 (Round Robin): Marlo -vs- Flores

F1M3 (Round Robin): Barclay -vs- Earl

F1M4 (Round Robin): Lech -vs- Pinckney


Flight 2

F2M1 (Round Robin): Callahan -vs- Flores

F2M2 (Round Robin): Barclay -vs- Pinckney

F2M3 (Round Robin): Lech -vs- Earl

F2M4 (Round Robin): Marlo -vs- Stapleton


Flight 3

F3M1 (Round Robin): Earl -vs- Flores

F3M2 (Round Robin): Lech -vs- Callahan

F3M3 (Round Robin): Marlo -vs- Barclay

F3M4 (Round Robin): Stapleton -vs- Pinckney


Flight 4

F4M1 (Round Robin): Marlo -vs- Lech

F4M2 (Round Robin): Earl -vs- Stapleton

F4M3 (Round Robin): Pinckney -vs- Flores

F4M4 (Round Robin): Callahan -vs- Barclay


Flight 5

F5M1 (Round Robin): Pinckney -vs- Marlo

F5M2 (Round Robin): Stapleton -vs- Barclay

F5M3 (Round Robin): Earl -vs- Callahan

F5M4 (Round Robin): Flores -vs- Lech


Flight 6

F6M1 (Round Robin): Earl -vs- Marlo

F6M2 (Round Robin): Stapleton -vs- Lech

F6M3 (Round Robin): Pinckney -vs- Callahan

F6M4 (Round Robin): Flores -vs- Barclay


Flight 7

F7M1 (Round Robin): Callahan -vs- Marlo

F7M2 (Round Robin): Barclay -vs- Lech

F7M3 (Round Robin): Flores -vs- Stapleton

F7M4 (Round Robin): Pinckney -vs- Earl


Saturday 18th June

Quarter Finals

Flight 8

F8M1 (Quarter Final 1): Barclay -vs- Callahan

F8M2 (Quarter Final 2): Lech -vs- Earl

F8M3 (Quarter Final 3): Flores -vs- Stapleton

F8M4 (Quarter Final 4): Pinckney -vs- Marlo


Flight 9

F9M1 (Quarter Final 1): Callahan -vs- Barclay

F9M2 (Quarter Final 2): Earl -vs- Lech

F9M3 (Quarter Final 3): Stapleton -vs- Flores

F9M4 (Quarter Final 4): Marlo -vs- Pinckney


Flight 10

F10M1 (Quarter Final 1): Barclay -vs- Callahan

F10M2 (Quarter Final 2): Lech -vs- Earl

F10M3 (Quarter Final 3): Flores -vs- Stapleton

F10M4 (Quarter Final 4): Pinckney -vs- Marlo


Flight 11

F11M1 (Quarter Final 1): Callahan -vs- Barclay

F11M2 (Quarter Final 2): Earl -vs- Lech

F11M3 (Quarter Final 3): Stapleton -vs- Flores

F11M4 (Quarter Final 4): Marlo -vs- Pinckney


Flight 12

F12M1 (Quarter Final 1): Barclay -vs- Callahan

F12M2 (Quarter Final 2): Lech -vs- Earl

F12M3 (Quarter Final 3): Flores -vs- Stapleton

F12M4 (Quarter Final 4): Pinckney -vs- Marlo


Semi Finals & 5th to 8th

Flight 13

F13M1 (Semi Final 1): Flores -vs- Callahan

F13M2 (Semi Final 2): Earl -vs- Pinckney

F13M3 (5th to 8th (A)): Barclay -vs- Stapleton

F13M4 (5th to 8th (B)): Lech -vs- Marlo


Flight 14

F14M1 (Semi Final 1): Callahan -vs- Flores

F14M2 (Semi Final 2): Pinckney -vs- Earl

F14M3 (5th to 8th (A)): Stapleton -vs- Barclay

F14M4 (5th to 8th (B)): Marlo -vs- Lech


Sunday 19th June

Semi Finals & 5th to 8th

Flight 15

F15M1 (Semi Final 1): Flores -vs- Callahan

F15M2 (Semi Final 2): Earl -vs- Pinckney

F15M3 (5th to 8th (A)): Barclay -vs- Stapleton

F15M4 (5th to 8th (B)): Lech -vs- Marlo


Flight 16

F16M1 (Semi Final 1): Callahan -vs- Flores

F16M2 (Semi Final 2): Pinckney -vs- Earl

F16M3 (5th / 6th): Marlo -vs- Stapleton

F16M4 (7th / 8th): Barclay -vs- Lech


Flight 17

F17M1 (Semi Final 1): Flores -vs- Callahan

F17M2 (Semi Final 2): Earl -vs- Pinckney

F17M3 (5th / 6th): Stapleton -vs- Marlo

F17M4 (7th / 8th): Lech -vs- Barclay


Finals & Petit Finals

Flight 18

F18M1 (Petit Final): Flores -vs- Earl

F18M2 (Final): Pinckney -vs- Callahan

F18M3 (5th / 6th): Marlo -vs- Stapleton

F18M4 (7th / 8th): Barclay -vs- Lech


Flight 19

F19M1 (Petit Final): Earl -vs- Flores

F19M2 (Final): Callahan -vs- Pinckney


Flight 20

F20M1 (Petit Final): Flores -vs- Earl

F20M2 (Final): Pinckney -vs- Callahan


Flight 21

F21M1 (Final): Callahan -vs- Pinckney


Flight 22

F22M1 (Final): Pinckney -vs- Callahan