This schedule is provisional and subject to change, so check back regularly for the latest information.

Wednesday 2nd August

Registration, Practice

Thursday 3rd August

Fleet Racing

Friday 4th August



R1M1 (Repechage 1): Peyron -vs- Escurat

R1M2 (Repechage 1): Escurat -vs- Peyron

R1M3 (Repechage 1): Peyron -vs- Escurat



R2M1 (Repechage 2): Bertheau -vs- Solune

R2M2 (Repechage 2): Solune -vs- Bertheau

R2M3 (Repechage 2): Bertheau -vs- Solune



R3M1 (Repechage 3): Feydit -vs- Médinger

R3M2 (Repechage 3): Médinger -vs- Feydit

R3M3 (Repechage 3): Feydit -vs- Médinger



R4M1 (Repechage 4): Bendon -vs- Rhimbault

R4M2 (Repechage 4): Rhimbault -vs- Bendon

R4M3 (Repechage 4): Bendon -vs- Rhimbault


Quarter Finals


QF1M1 (Quarter Final 1): Delapierre -vs- Feydit

QF1M2 (Quarter Final 1): Feydit -vs- Delapierre

QF1M3 (Quarter Final 1): Delapierre -vs- Feydit

QF1M4 (Quarter Final 1): Feydit -vs- Delapierre

QF1M5 (Quarter Final 1): Delapierre -vs- Feydit



QF2M1 (Quarter Final 2): Eckert -vs- Mettraux

QF2M2 (Quarter Final 2): Mettraux -vs- Eckert

QF2M3 (Quarter Final 2): Eckert -vs- Mettraux

QF2M4 (Quarter Final 2): Mettraux -vs- Eckert

QF2M5 (Quarter Final 2): Eckert -vs- Mettraux



QF3M1 (Quarter Final 3): Monnin -vs- Rhimbault

QF3M2 (Quarter Final 3): Rhimbault -vs- Monnin

QF3M3 (Quarter Final 3): Monnin -vs- Rhimbault

QF3M4 (Quarter Final 3): Rhimbault -vs- Monnin

QF3M5 (Quarter Final 3): Monnin -vs- Rhimbault



QF4M1 (Quarter Final 4): Solune -vs- Peyron

QF4M2 (Quarter Final 4): Peyron -vs- Solune

QF4M3 (Quarter Final 4): Solune -vs- Peyron

QF4M4 (Quarter Final 4): Peyron -vs- Solune

QF4M5 (Quarter Final 4): Solune -vs- Peyron


Saturday 5th August

Semi Finals & 5th to 12th


SF1M1 (Semi Final 1): Mettraux -vs- Delapierre

SF1M2 (Semi Final 1): Delapierre -vs- Mettraux

SF1M3 (Semi Final 1): Mettraux -vs- Delapierre

SF1M4 (Semi Final 1): Delapierre -vs- Mettraux

SF1M5 (Semi Final 1): Mettraux -vs- Delapierre



SF2M2 (Semi Final 2): Monnin -vs- Solune

SF2M2 (Semi Final 2): Solune -vs- Monnin

SF2M3 (Semi Final 2): Monnin -vs- Solune

SF2M4 (Semi Final 2): Solune -vs- Monnin

SF2M5 (Semi Final 2): Monnin -vs- Solune



KCM1 (11th/12th): Escurat -vs- Bertheau

KCM2 (10th/11th): Bertheau -vs- Bendon

KCM3 (9th/10th): Bendon -vs- Médinger

KCM4 (8th/9th): Bendon -vs- Feydit

KCM5 (7th/8th): Bendon -vs- Rhimbault

KCM6 (6th/7th): Rhimbault -vs- Peyron

KCM7 (5th/6th): Peyron -vs- Eckert


Sunday 6th August

Finals & Petit Finals


PFM1 (Petit Final): Mettraux -vs- Monnin

PFM2 (Petit Final): Monnin -vs- Mettraux

PFM3 (Petit Final): Mettraux -vs- Monnin



FM1 (Final): Delapierre -vs- Solune

FM2 (Final): Solune -vs- Delapierre

FM3 (Final): Delapierre -vs- Solune

FM4 (Final): Solune -vs- Delapierre

FM5 (Final): Delapierre -vs- Solune