This schedule is provisional and subject to change, so check back regularly for the latest information.

Thursday 16th November

Round Robin

Flight 1

F1M1 (Round Robin): Jean -vs- Fedrigucci

F1M2 (Round Robin): Robert -vs- Rhimbault

F1M3 (Round Robin): Barrue -vs- Migraine


Flight 2

F2M1 (Round Robin): Migraine -vs- Robert

F2M2 (Round Robin): Fedrigucci -vs- Barrue

F2M3 (Round Robin): Rhimbault -vs- Jean


Flight 3

F3M1 (Round Robin): Barrue -vs- Rhimbault

F3M2 (Round Robin): Jean -vs- Migraine

F3M3 (Round Robin): Robert -vs- Fedrigucci


Flight 4

F4M1 (Round Robin): Fedrigucci -vs- Rhimbault

F4M2 (Round Robin): Chatonnier -vs- Follin

F4M3 (Round Robin): Pierroz -vs- Bertheau


Flight 5

F5M1 (Round Robin): Pierroz -vs- Chatonnier

F5M2 (Round Robin): Rhimbault -vs- Migraine

F5M3 (Round Robin): Follin -vs- Bertheau


Friday 17th November

Round Robin

Flight 6

F6M1 (Round Robin): Follin -vs- Pierroz

F6M2 (Round Robin): Bertheau -vs- Chatonnier

F6M3 (Round Robin): Fedrigucci -vs- Migraine


Flight 7

F7M1 (Round Robin): Chatonnier -vs- Fedrigucci

F7M2 (Round Robin): Jean -vs- Robert

F7M3 (Round Robin): Barrue -vs- Follin


Flight 8

F8M1 (Round Robin): Robert -vs- Follin

F8M2 (Round Robin): Rhimbault -vs- Chatonnier

F8M3 (Round Robin): Barrue -vs- Jean


Flight 9

F9M1 (Round Robin): Follin -vs- Jean

F9M2 (Round Robin): Robert -vs- Barrue

F9M3 (Round Robin): Migraine -vs- Chatonnier


Flight 10

F10M1 (Round Robin): Chatonnier -vs- Jean

F10M2 (Round Robin): Bertheau -vs- Robert

F10M3 (Round Robin): Pierroz -vs- Barrue


Flight 11

F11M1 (Round Robin): Barrue -vs- Bertheau

F11M2 (Round Robin): Jean -vs- Pierroz

F11M3 (Round Robin): Robert -vs- Chatonnier


Flight 12

F12M1 (Round Robin): Pierroz -vs- Robert

F12M2 (Round Robin): Bertheau -vs- Jean

F12M3 (Round Robin): Chatonnier -vs- Barrue


Flight 13

F13M1 (Round Robin): Migraine -vs- Pierroz

F13M2 (Round Robin): Rhimbault -vs- Bertheau

F13M3 (Round Robin): Fedrigucci -vs- Follin


Flight 14

F14M1 (Round Robin): Pierroz -vs- Rhimbault

F14M2 (Round Robin): Follin -vs- Migraine

F14M3 (Round Robin): Bertheau -vs- Fedrigucci


Flight 15

F15M1 (Round Robin): Migraine -vs- Bertheau

F15M2 (Round Robin): Fedrigucci -vs- Pierroz

F15M3 (Round Robin): Rhimbault -vs- Follin


Saturday 18th November


Flight 16

F16M1 (Repechage): Chatonnier -vs- Barrue

F16M2 (Repechage): Jean -vs- Rhimbault

F16M3 (Repechage): Fedrigucci -vs- Robert


Flight 17

F17M1 (Repechage): Chatonnier -vs- Jean

F17M2 (Repechage): Rhimbault -vs- Fedrigucci

F17M3 (Repechage): Barrue -vs- Robert


Flight 18

F18M1 (Repechage): Fedrigucci -vs- Jean

F18M2 (Repechage): Robert -vs- Chatonnier

F18M3 (Repechage): Barrue -vs- Rhimbault


Flight 19

F19M1 (Repechage): Jean -vs- Robert

F19M2 (Repechage): Rhimbault -vs- Chatonnier

F19M3 (Repechage): Barrue -vs- Fedrigucci


Flight 20

F20M1 (Repechage): Robert -vs- Rhimbault

F20M2 (Repechage): Fedrigucci -vs- Chatonnier

F20M3 (Repechage): Jean -vs- Barrue


Quarter Finals

Flight 21

F21M1 (Quarter Final 1): Jean -vs- Migraine

F21M2 (Quarter Final 2): Rhimbault -vs- Pierroz

F21M3 (9th / 10th): Robert -vs- Fedrigucci


Flight 22

F22M1 (Quarter Final 1): Migraine -vs- Jean

F22M2 (Quarter Final 2): Pierroz -vs- Rhimbault

F22M3 (8th / 9th): _89P_ -vs- _89S_


Flight 23

F23M1 (Quarter Final 1): Jean -vs- Migraine

F23M2 (Quarter Final 2): Rhimbault -vs- Pierroz


Sunday 19th November

Semi Finals & 5th to 8th

Flight 24

F24M1 (Semi Final 1): Jean -vs- Follin

F24M2 (Semi Final 2): Rhimbault -vs- Bertheau

F24M3 (7th / 8th): Chatonnier -vs- Barrue


Flight 25

F25M1 (Semi Final 1): Follin -vs- Jean

F25M2 (Semi Final 2): Bertheau -vs- Rhimbault

F25M3 (6th / 7th): _67P_ -vs- _67S_


Flight 26

F26M1 (Semi Final 1): Jean -vs- Follin

F26M2 (Semi Final 2): Rhimbault -vs- Bertheau

F26M3 (5th / 6th): _56P_ -vs- _56S_


Flight 27

F27M3 (5th / 6th): _56S_ -vs- _56P_


Flight 28

F28M3 (5th / 6th): _56P_ -vs- _56S_


Finals & Petit Finals

Flight 29

F29M1 (Petit Final): Rhimbault -vs- Jean

F29M2 (Final): Bertheau -vs- Follin


Flight 30

F30M1 (Petit Final): Jean -vs- Rhimbault

F30M2 (Final): Follin -vs- Bertheau


Flight 31

F31M1 (Petit Final): Rhimbault -vs- Jean

F31M2 (Final): Bertheau -vs- Follin