The schedule is provisional and subject to change, so check back regularly for the latest information.

Thursday 26th July



Friday 27th July

Opening Ceremony


Saturday 28th July



Sunday 29th July

Round Robin (starting 13:30)

Flight 1

F1M1 (Round Robin): DEN -vs- GBR

F1M2 (Round Robin): NZL -vs- NED

F1M3 (Round Robin): SWE -vs- RUS


Flight 2

F2M1 (Round Robin): AUS -vs- FIN

F2M2 (Round Robin): FRA -vs- POR

F2M3 (Round Robin): NZL -vs- SWE


Flight 3

F3M1 (Round Robin): RUS -vs- NED

F3M2 (Round Robin): USA -vs- DEN

F3M3 (Round Robin): GBR -vs- ESP


Flight 4

F4M1 (Round Robin): FIN -vs- POR

F4M2 (Round Robin): FRA -vs- AUS

F4M3 (Round Robin): ESP -vs- USA


Monday 30th July

Round Robin (starting 14:00)

Flight 5

F5M1 (Round Robin): POR -vs- USA

F5M2 (Round Robin): DEN -vs- RUS

F5M3 (Round Robin): ESP -vs- NZL


Flight 6

F6M1 (Round Robin): FIN -vs- SWE

F6M2 (Round Robin): NED -vs- FRA

F6M3 (Round Robin): RUS -vs- ESP


Flight 7

F7M1 (Round Robin): USA -vs- AUS

F7M2 (Round Robin): GBR -vs- POR

F7M3 (Round Robin): DEN -vs- NZL


Flight 8

F8M1 (Round Robin): NED -vs- FIN

F8M2 (Round Robin): AUS -vs- GBR

F8M3 (Round Robin): SWE -vs- FRA


Tuesday 31st July

Round Robin (starting 13:30)

Flight 9

F9M1 (Round Robin): POR -vs- NZL

F9M2 (Round Robin): FIN -vs- USA

F9M3 (Round Robin): ESP -vs- NED


Flight 10

F10M1 (Round Robin): POR -vs- RUS

F10M2 (Round Robin): FIN -vs- GBR

F10M3 (Round Robin): DEN -vs- NED


Flight 11

F11M1 (Round Robin): USA -vs- FRA

F11M2 (Round Robin): ESP -vs- SWE

F11M3 (Round Robin): AUS -vs- NZL


Flight 12

F12M1 (Round Robin): FRA -vs- GBR

F12M2 (Round Robin): SWE -vs- DEN

F12M3 (Round Robin): AUS -vs- RUS


Wednesday 1st August

Round Robin (starting 14:00)

Flight 13

F13M1 (Round Robin): NZL -vs- USA

F13M2 (Round Robin): FRA -vs- ESP

F13M3 (Round Robin): POR -vs- SWE


Flight 14

F14M1 (Round Robin): NZL -vs- GBR

F14M2 (Round Robin): ESP -vs- FIN

F14M3 (Round Robin): NED -vs- POR


Flight 15

F15M1 (Round Robin): RUS -vs- USA

F15M2 (Round Robin): DEN -vs- FRA

F15M3 (Round Robin): SWE -vs- AUS


Flight 16

F16M1 (Round Robin): GBR -vs- RUS

F16M2 (Round Robin): FIN -vs- DEN

F16M3 (Round Robin): NED -vs- AUS


Thursday 2nd August

Round Robin (starting 13:30)

Flight 17

F17M1 (Round Robin): SWE -vs- GBR

F17M2 (Round Robin): POR -vs- DEN

F17M3 (Round Robin): FIN -vs- RUS


Flight 18

F18M1 (Round Robin): FRA -vs- NZL

F18M2 (Round Robin): AUS -vs- ESP

F18M3 (Round Robin): USA -vs- NED


Flight 19

F19M1 (Round Robin): NZL -vs- FIN

F19M2 (Round Robin): DEN -vs- AUS

F19M3 (Round Robin): POR -vs- ESP


Friday 3rd August

Spare day


Saturday 4th August

Round Robin (starting 14:00)

Flight 20

F20M1 (Round Robin): GBR -vs- NED

F20M2 (Round Robin): USA -vs- SWE

F20M3 (Round Robin): RUS -vs- FRA


Flight 21

F21M1 (Round Robin): AUS -vs- POR

F21M2 (Round Robin): NED -vs- SWE

F21M3 (Round Robin): FRA -vs- FIN


Flight 22

F22M1 (Round Robin): ESP -vs- DEN

F22M2 (Round Robin): RUS -vs- NZL

F22M3 (Round Robin): GBR -vs- USA


Sunday 5th August

Spare day


Monday 6th August

Spare day


Tuesday 7th August

Quarter Finals (starting 15:00)

Flight 23

F23M1 (Quarter Final 1): NED -vs- AUS

F23M2 (Quarter Final 2): FIN -vs- USA


Flight 24

F24M1 (Quarter Final 3): FRA -vs- ESP

F24M2 (Quarter Final 4): GBR -vs- RUS


Flight 25

F25M1 (Quarter Final 1): AUS -vs- NED

F25M2 (Quarter Final 2): USA -vs- FIN


Flight 26

F26M1 (Quarter Final 3): ESP -vs- FRA

F26M2 (Quarter Final 4): RUS -vs- GBR


Wednesday 8th August

Quarter Finals (starting 14:00)

Flight 27

F27M1 (Quarter Final 1): NED -vs- AUS

F27M2 (Quarter Final 2): FIN -vs- USA


Flight 28

F28M1 (Quarter Final 3): FRA -vs- ESP

F28M2 (Quarter Final 4): GBR -vs- RUS


Flight 29

F29M1 (Quarter Final 1): AUS -vs- NED

F29M2 (Quarter Final 2): USA -vs- FIN


Flight 30

F30M1 (Quarter Final 3): ESP -vs- FRA

F30M2 (Quarter Final 4): RUS -vs- GBR


Flight 31

F31M1 (Quarter Final 1): NED -vs- AUS

F31M2 (Quarter Final 2): FIN -vs- USA


Flight 32

F32M1 (Quarter Final 3): FRA -vs- ESP

F32M2 (Quarter Final 4): GBR -vs- RUS


Thursday 9th August

5th to 8th (starting 12:00)

Flight 33

F33M1 (Sail-off A): K -vs- J

F33M2 (Sail-off B): M -vs- L


Flight 34

F34M1 (Sail-off A): J -vs- K

F34M2 (Sail-off B): L -vs- M


Flight 35

F35M1 (Sail-off A): K -vs- J

F35M2 (Sail-off B): M -vs- L




Flight 38

F38M1 (7th/8th): P -vs- O

F38M2 (5th/6th): R -vs- Q


Flight 39

F39M1 (7th/8th): O -vs- P

F39M2 (5th/6th): Q -vs- R


Flight 40

F40M1 (7th/8th): P -vs- O

F40M2 (5th/6th): R -vs- Q




Friday 10th August

Semi Finals (starting 14:30)

Flight 43

F43M1 (Semi Final 1): FIN -vs- AUS

F43M2 (Semi Final 2): RUS -vs- ESP


Flight 44

F44M1 (Semi Final 1): AUS -vs- FIN

F44M2 (Semi Final 2): ESP -vs- RUS


Flight 45

F45M1 (Semi Final 1): FIN -vs- AUS

F45M2 (Semi Final 2): RUS -vs- ESP


Flight 46

F46M1 (Semi Final 1): AUS -vs- FIN

F46M2 (Semi Final 2): ESP -vs- RUS


Flight 47

F47M1 (Semi Final 1): FIN -vs- AUS

F47M2 (Semi Final 2): RUS -vs- ESP


Saturday 11th August

Petit Final & finals (starting 12:00)

Flight 48

F48M1 (Petit Final): RUS -vs- FIN


Flight 49

F49M1 (Petit Final): FIN -vs- RUS


Flight 50

F50M1 (Petit Final): RUS -vs- FIN

F50M2 (Final): AUS -vs- ESP


Flight 51

F51M1 (Petit Final): FIN -vs- RUS

F51M2 (Final): ESP -vs- AUS


Flight 52

F52M1 (Petit Final): RUS -vs- FIN

F52M2 (Final): AUS -vs- ESP


Flight 53

F53M1 (Final): ESP -vs- AUS


Flight 54

F54M1 (Final): AUS -vs- ESP