Racing will take place from 3rd – 16th December.

With so many teams competing, the format is a little complicated, see the detailed description and rather handy summary diagram.


This schedule is provisional and subject to change. For authortative information please check

Saturday 3rd December

Group A

Flight 1

F1M1 (Group A): Lehtinen -vs- Ferris-Choat

F1M2 (Group A): Le Berre -vs- Wang

F1M3 (Group A): Gonçalves -vs- Souter

F1M4 (Group A): Silva -vs- Hazard


Flight 2

F2M1 (Group A): Gonçalves -vs- Le Berre

F2M2 (Group A): Souter -vs- Ferris-Choat

F2M3 (Group A): Lehtinen -vs- Silva

F2M4 (Group A): Wang -vs- Hazard


Flight 3

F3M1 (Group A): Souter -vs- Silva

F3M2 (Group A): Wang -vs- Gonçalves

F3M3 (Group A): Hazard -vs- Lehtinen

F3M4 (Group A): Le Berre -vs- Ferris-Choat


Flight 4

F4M1 (Group A): Gonçalves -vs- Lehtinen

F4M2 (Group A): Ferris-Choat -vs- Hazard

F4M3 (Group A): Silva -vs- Le Berre

F4M4 (Group A): Souter -vs- Wang


Flight 5

F5M1 (Group A): Hahlbrock -vs- Gordon

F5M2 (Group A): Decnop -vs- Paoli

F5M3 (Group A): Skudina -vs- Ferris-Choat

F5M4 (Group A): Tunnicliffe -vs- Pedersen


Flight 6

F6M1 (Group A): Paoli -vs- Skudina

F6M2 (Group A): Pedersen -vs- Hahlbrock

F6M3 (Group A): Tunnicliffe -vs- Gordon

F6M4 (Group A): Ferris-Choat -vs- Decnop


Flight 7

F7M1 (Group A): Pedersen -vs- Skudina

F7M2 (Group A): Tunnicliffe -vs- Decnop

F7M3 (Group A): Gordon -vs- Ferris-Choat

F7M4 (Group A): Gonçalves -vs- Hahlbrock


Sunday 4th December

Group B

Flight 28

F28M1 (Group B): Abrahamsen -vs- Mulder

F28M2 (Group B): Price -vs- Echegoyen

F28M3 (Group B): Kjellberg -vs- Groeneveld

F28M4 (Group B): Roca Mata -vs- Macgregor


Flight 29

F29M1 (Group B): Price -vs- Mulder

F29M2 (Group B): Roca Mata -vs- Groeneveld

F29M3 (Group B): Macgregor -vs- Abrahamsen

F29M4 (Group B): Kjellberg -vs- Echegoyen


Flight 30

F30M1 (Group B): Groeneveld -vs- Abrahamsen

F30M2 (Group B): Macgregor -vs- Price

F30M3 (Group B): Kjellberg -vs- Mulder

F30M4 (Group B): Roca Mata -vs- Echegoyen


Flight 31

F31M1 (Group B): Macgregor -vs- Kjellberg

F31M2 (Group B): Echegoyen -vs- Abrahamsen

F31M3 (Group B): Price -vs- Roca Mata

F31M4 (Group B): Mulder -vs- Groeneveld


Flight 32

F32M1 (Group B): Leroy -vs- Price

F32M2 (Group B): Kliba -vs- Tulloch

F32M3 (Group B): Sylvan -vs- Mulder

F32M4 (Group B): Zimmermann -vs- Senfft


Monday 5th December

Group A

Flight 8

F8M1 (Group A): Gordon -vs- Pedersen

F8M2 (Group A): Gonçalves -vs- Skudina

F8M3 (Group A): Tunnicliffe -vs- Ferris-Choat

F8M4 (Group A): Decnop -vs- Hahlbrock


Flight 9

F9M1 (Group A): Tunnicliffe -vs- Gonçalves

F9M2 (Group A): Wang -vs- Hahlbrock

F9M3 (Group A): Souter -vs- Decnop

F9M4 (Group A): Paoli -vs- Lehtinen


Flight 10

F10M1 (Group A): Tunnicliffe -vs- Wang

F10M2 (Group A): Paoli -vs- Souter

F10M3 (Group A): Hahlbrock -vs- Lehtinen

F10M4 (Group A): Decnop -vs- Gonçalves


Flight 11

F11M1 (Group A): Silva -vs- Paoli

F11M2 (Group A): Le Berre -vs- Gordon

F11M3 (Group A): Decnop -vs- Hazard

F11M4 (Group A): Pedersen -vs- Lehtinen


Flight 12

F12M1 (Group A): Hazard -vs- Gordon

F12M2 (Group A): Decnop -vs- Lehtinen

F12M3 (Group A): Pedersen -vs- Le Berre

F12M4 (Group A): Skudina -vs- Silva


Flight 13

F13M1 (Group A): Decnop -vs- Le Berre

F13M2 (Group A): Silva -vs- Pedersen

F13M3 (Group A): Hazard -vs- Skudina

F13M4 (Group A): Lehtinen -vs- Gordon


Flight 14

F14M1 (Group A): Pedersen -vs- Hazard

F14M2 (Group A): Lehtinen -vs- Wang

F14M3 (Group A): Skudina -vs- Decnop

F14M4 (Group A): Gordon -vs- Gonçalves


Flight 15

F15M1 (Group A): Wang -vs- Pedersen

F15M2 (Group A): Skudina -vs- Gordon

F15M3 (Group A): Gonçalves -vs- Hazard

F15M4 (Group A): Hahlbrock -vs- Souter


Flight 16

F16M1 (Group A): Skudina -vs- Wang

F16M2 (Group A): Souter -vs- Pedersen

F16M3 (Group A): Hahlbrock -vs- Tunnicliffe


Tuesday 6th December

Group B

Flight 33

F33M1 (Group B): Leroy -vs- Kliba

F33M2 (Group B): Zimmermann -vs- Mulder

F33M3 (Group B): Price -vs- Tulloch

F33M4 (Group B): Sylvan -vs- Senfft


Wednesday 7th December

Group B

Flight 34

F34M1 (Group B): Tulloch -vs- Sylvan

F34M2 (Group B): Roca Mata -vs- Zimmermann

F34M3 (Group B): Senfft -vs- Leroy

F34M4 (Group B): Kliba -vs- Echegoyen


Flight 35

F35M1 (Group B): Roca Mata -vs- Leroy

F35M2 (Group B): Echegoyen -vs- Sylvan

F35M3 (Group B): Tulloch -vs- Zimmermann

F35M4 (Group B): Kliba -vs- Senfft


Flight 36

F36M1 (Group B): Echegoyen -vs- Zimmermann

F36M2 (Group B): Macgregor -vs- Kliba

F36M3 (Group B): Abrahamsen -vs- Senfft

F36M4 (Group B): Kjellberg -vs- Leroy


Flight 37

F37M1 (Group B): Senfft -vs- Echegoyen

F37M2 (Group B): Leroy -vs- Abrahamsen

F37M3 (Group B): Macgregor -vs- Zimmermann

F37M4 (Group B): Kliba -vs- Kjellberg


Flight 38

F38M1 (Group B): Leroy -vs- Zimmermann

F38M2 (Group B): Abrahamsen -vs- Kjellberg

F38M3 (Group B): Kliba -vs- Price


Flight 39

F39M1 (Group B): Price -vs- Kjellberg

F39M2 (Group B): Kliba -vs- Mulder

F39M3 (Group B): Leroy -vs- Sylvan

F39M4 (Group B): Senfft -vs- Tulloch


Flight 40

F40M1 (Group B): Sylvan -vs- Kjellberg

F40M2 (Group B): Senfft -vs- Groeneveld

F40M3 (Group B): Mulder -vs- Macgregor

F40M4 (Group B): Abrahamsen -vs- Roca Mata


Flight 41

F41M1 (Group B): Sylvan -vs- Roca Mata

F41M2 (Group B): Tulloch -vs- Macgregor

F41M3 (Group B): Abrahamsen -vs- Kliba

F41M4 (Group B): Price -vs- Groeneveld


Flight 42

F42M1 (Group B): Abrahamsen -vs- Tulloch

F42M2 (Group B): Groeneveld -vs- Kliba

F42M3 (Group B): Zimmermann -vs- Kjellberg

F42M4 (Group B): Sylvan -vs- Price


Flight 43

F43M1 (Group B): Kjellberg -vs- Tulloch

F43M2 (Group B): Abrahamsen -vs- Price

F43M3 (Group B): Groeneveld -vs- Sylvan

F43M4 (Group B): Zimmermann -vs- Kliba


Thursday 8th December

Group A

Flight 17

F17M1 (Group A): Souter -vs- Gordon

F17M2 (Group A): Hazard -vs- Tunnicliffe

F17M3 (Group A): Le Berre -vs- Skudina

F17M4 (Group A): Silva -vs- Hahlbrock


Flight 18

F18M1 (Group A): Le Berre -vs- Souter

F18M2 (Group A): Hahlbrock -vs- Ferris-Choat

F18M3 (Group A): Tunnicliffe -vs- Silva


Flight 19

F19M1 (Group A): Ferris-Choat -vs- Silva

F19M2 (Group A): Le Berre -vs- Tunnicliffe

F19M3 (Group A): Wang -vs- Paoli


Flight 20

F20M1 (Group A): Ferris-Choat -vs- Wang

F20M2 (Group A): Decnop -vs- Pedersen

F20M3 (Group A): Gordon -vs- Paoli

F20M4 (Group A): Silva -vs- Gonçalves


Flight 21

F21M1 (Group A): Wang -vs- Decnop

F21M2 (Group A): Gonçalves -vs- Paoli

F21M3 (Group A): Ferris-Choat -vs- Pedersen

F21M4 (Group A): Gordon -vs- Silva


Flight 22

F22M1 (Group A): Pedersen -vs- Paoli

F22M2 (Group A): Wang -vs- Silva

F22M3 (Group A): Gordon -vs- Decnop

F22M4 (Group A): Ferris-Choat -vs- Gonçalves


Flight 23

F23M1 (Group A): Silva -vs- Decnop

F23M2 (Group A): Pedersen -vs- Gonçalves

F23M3 (Group A): Ferris-Choat -vs- Paoli

F23M4 (Group A): Gordon -vs- Wang


Flight 24

F24M1 (Group A): Hahlbrock -vs- Skudina

F24M2 (Group A): Paoli -vs- Tunnicliffe

F24M3 (Group A): Le Berre -vs- Lehtinen

F24M4 (Group A): Hazard -vs- Souter


Flight 25

F25M1 (Group A): Paoli -vs- Le Berre

F25M2 (Group A): Hazard -vs- Hahlbrock

F25M3 (Group A): Skudina -vs- Souter

F25M4 (Group A): Lehtinen -vs- Tunnicliffe


Flight 26

F26M1 (Group A): Paoli -vs- Hahlbrock

F26M2 (Group A): Skudina -vs- Tunnicliffe

F26M3 (Group A): Lehtinen -vs- Souter

F26M4 (Group A): Hazard -vs- Le Berre


Flight 27

F27M1 (Group A): Lehtinen -vs- Skudina

F27M2 (Group A): Paoli -vs- Hazard

F27M3 (Group A): Hahlbrock -vs- Le Berre

F27M4 (Group A): Souter -vs- Tunnicliffe


Friday 9th December

Group B

Flight 44

F44M1 (Group B): Sylvan -vs- Abrahamsen

F44M2 (Group B): Kliba -vs- Roca Mata

F44M3 (Group B): Zimmermann -vs- Price

F44M4 (Group B): Kjellberg -vs- Senfft


Flight 45

F45M1 (Group B): Zimmermann -vs- Abrahamsen

F45M2 (Group B): Price -vs- Senfft

F45M3 (Group B): Kjellberg -vs- Roca Mata

F45M4 (Group B): Sylvan -vs- Kliba


Flight 46

F46M1 (Group B): Mulder -vs- Echegoyen

F46M2 (Group B): Macgregor -vs- Sylvan

F46M3 (Group B): Groeneveld -vs- Zimmermann

F46M4 (Group B): Tulloch -vs- Leroy


Flight 47

F47M1 (Group B): Zimmermann -vs- Sylvan

F47M2 (Group B): Tulloch -vs- Groeneveld

F47M3 (Group B): Mulder -vs- Leroy

F47M4 (Group B): Echegoyen -vs- Macgregor


Flight 48

F48M1 (Group B): Echegoyen -vs- Leroy

F48M2 (Group B): Senfft -vs- Mulder

F48M3 (Group B): Groeneveld -vs- Macgregor

F48M4 (Group B): Roca Mata -vs- Tulloch


Flight 49

F49M1 (Group B): Senfft -vs- Macgregor

F49M2 (Group B): Mulder -vs- Roca Mata

F49M3 (Group B): Tulloch -vs- Echegoyen

F49M4 (Group B): Groeneveld -vs- Leroy


Flight 50

F50M1 (Group B): Mulder -vs- Tulloch

F50M2 (Group B): Echegoyen -vs- Groeneveld

F50M3 (Group B): Senfft -vs- Roca Mata

F50M4 (Group B): Leroy -vs- Macgregor


Gold Group

Flight 81

F81M1 (GG1): Mulder -vs- Tunnicliffe

F81M2 (GG2): Skudina -vs- Leroy


Flight 82

F82M1 (GG1): Tunnicliffe -vs- Mulder

F82M2 (GG2): Leroy -vs- Skudina


Flight 83

F83M1 (GG1): Mulder -vs- Tunnicliffe

F83M2 (GG2): Skudina -vs- Leroy


Saturday 10th December


Flight 51

F51M1 (Repechage): Decnop -vs- Paoli

F51M2 (Repechage): Pedersen -vs- Price

F51M3 (Repechage): Hazard -vs- Souter

F51M4 (Repechage): Gonçalves -vs- Hahlbrock


Flight 52

F52M1 (Repechage): Price -vs- Decnop

F52M2 (Repechage): Souter -vs- Gonçalves

F52M3 (Repechage): Hazard -vs- Hahlbrock

F52M4 (Repechage): Pedersen -vs- Paoli


Flight 53

F53M1 (Repechage): Hazard -vs- Price

F53M2 (Repechage): Gonçalves -vs- Paoli

F53M3 (Repechage): Souter -vs- Pedersen

F53M4 (Repechage): Hahlbrock -vs- Decnop


Flight 54

F54M1 (Repechage): Hazard -vs- Paoli

F54M2 (Repechage): Souter -vs- Decnop

F54M3 (Repechage): Hahlbrock -vs- Pedersen

F54M4 (Repechage): Gonçalves -vs- Price


Flight 55

F55M1 (Repechage): Echegoyen -vs- Macgregor

F55M2 (Repechage): Kjellberg -vs- Roca Mata

F55M3 (Repechage): Decnop -vs- Senfft

F55M4 (Repechage): Tulloch -vs- Lehtinen


Flight 56

F56M1 (Repechage): Roca Mata -vs- Senfft

F56M2 (Repechage): Lehtinen -vs- Echegoyen

F56M2 (Repechage): Kjellberg -vs- Groeneveld

F56M4 (Repechage): Tulloch -vs- Macgregor


Flight 57

F57M1 (Repechage): Lehtinen -vs- Kjellberg

F57M2 (Repechage): Macgregor -vs- Senfft

F57M3 (Repechage): Tulloch -vs- Roca Mata

F57M4 (Repechage): Echegoyen -vs- Groeneveld


Flight 58

F58M1 (Repechage): Lehtinen -vs- Senfft

F58M2 (Repechage): Tulloch -vs- Groeneveld

F58M3 (Repechage): Macgregor -vs- Kjellberg

F58M4 (Repechage): Echegoyen -vs- Roca Mata


Flight 59

F59M1 (Repechage): Groeneveld -vs- Macgregor

F59M2 (Repechage): Kjellberg -vs- Tulloch

F59M3 (Repechage): Senfft -vs- Echegoyen

F59M4 (Repechage): Roca Mata -vs- Lehtinen


Sunday 11th December


Flight 60

F60M1 (Repechage): Senfft -vs- Tulloch

F60M2 (Repechage): Roca Mata -vs- Macgregor

F60M3 (Repechage): Groeneveld -vs- Lehtinen

F60M4 (Repechage): Kjellberg -vs- Echegoyen


Flight 61

F61M1 (Repechage): Macgregor -vs- Lehtinen

F61M2 (Repechage): Echegoyen -vs- Tulloch

F61M3 (Repechage): Senfft -vs- Kjellberg

F61M4 (Repechage): Groeneveld -vs- Roca Mata


Flight 62

F62M1 (Repechage): Decnop -vs- Gonçalves

F62M2 (Repechage): Pedersen -vs- Hazard

F62M3 (Repechage): Paoli -vs- Hahlbrock

F62M4 (Repechage): Price -vs- Souter


Flight 63

F63M1 (Repechage): Decnop -vs- Pedersen

F63M2 (Repechage): Hahlbrock -vs- Souter

F63M3 (Repechage): Paoli -vs- Price

F63M4 (Repechage): Gonçalves -vs- Hazard


Flight 64

F64M1 (Repechage): Paoli -vs- Souter

F64M2 (Repechage): Pedersen -vs- Gonçalves

F64M3 (Repechage): Decnop -vs- Hazard

F64M4 (Repechage): Price -vs- Hahlbrock


Flight 65

F65M1 (Repechage): Pedersen -vs- Roca Mata

F65M2 (Repechage): Groeneveld -vs- Decnop

F65M3 (Repechage): Price -vs- Kjellberg

F65M4 (Repechage): Senfft -vs- Paoli


Flight 66

F66M1 (Repechage): Pedersen -vs- Groeneveld

F66M2 (Repechage): Kjellberg -vs- Paoli

F66M3 (Repechage): Price -vs- Senfft

F66M4 (Repechage): Roca Mata -vs- Decnop


Flight 67

F67M1 (Repechage): Echegoyen -vs- Price

F67M2 (Repechage): Hazard -vs- Roca Mata

F67M3 (Repechage): Gonçalves -vs- Groeneveld

F67M4 (Repechage): Tulloch -vs- Paoli


Monday 12th December

Gold Group

Flight 84

F84M1 (GG3): Tunnicliffe -vs- Leroy

F84M2 (GG4): Mulder -vs- Skudina


Flight 85

F85M1 (GG3): Leroy -vs- Tunnicliffe

F85M2 (GG4): Skudina -vs- Mulder


Flight 86

F86M1 (GG3): Tunnicliffe -vs- Leroy

F86M2 (GG4): Mulder -vs- Skudina



Flight 68

F68M1 (Repechage): Gonçalves -vs- Roca Mata

F68M2 (Repechage): Tulloch -vs- Price

F68M3 (Repechage): Echegoyen -vs- Paoli

F68M4 (Repechage): Hazard -vs- Groeneveld


Flight 69

F69M1 (Repechage): Echegoyen -vs- Hahlbrock

F69M2 (Repechage): Hazard -vs- Lehtinen

F69M3 (Repechage): Macgregor -vs- Gonçalves

F69M4 (Repechage): Souter -vs- Tulloch


Flight 70

F70M1 (Repechage): Lehtinen -vs- Gonçalves

F70M2 (Repechage): Souter -vs- Echegoyen

F70M3 (Repechage): Tulloch -vs- Hahlbrock

F70M4 (Repechage): Hazard -vs- Macgregor


Flight 71

F71M1 (Repechage): Hahlbrock -vs- Senfft

F71M2 (Repechage): Lehtinen -vs- Pedersen

F71M3 (Repechage): Macgregor -vs- Decnop

F71M4 (Repechage): Souter -vs- Kjellberg


Flight 72

F72M1 (Repechage): Macgregor -vs- Pedersen

F72M2 (Repechage): Hahlbrock -vs- Kjellberg

F72M3 (Repechage): Souter -vs- Senfft

F72M4 (Repechage): Lehtinen -vs- Decnop


Flight 73

F73M1 (Repechage): Kjellberg -vs- Hazard

F73M2 (Repechage): Pedersen -vs- Tulloch

F73M3 (Repechage): Decnop -vs- Echegoyen

F73M4 (Repechage): Senfft -vs- Gonçalves


Flight 74

F74M1 (Repechage): Pedersen -vs- Echegoyen

F74M2 (Repechage): Senfft -vs- Hazard

F74M3 (Repechage): Gonçalves -vs- Tulloch

F74M4 (Repechage): Decnop -vs- Kjellberg


Tuesday 13th December


Flight 74

F74M1 (Repechage): Pedersen -vs- Echegoyen

F74M2 (Repechage): Senfft -vs- Hazard

F74M3 (Repechage): Gonçalves -vs- Tulloch

F74M4 (Repechage): Decnop -vs- Kjellberg


Flight 75

F75M1 (Repechage): Echegoyen -vs- Hazard

F75M2 (Repechage): Kjellberg -vs- Gonçalves

F75M3 (Repechage): Decnop -vs- Tulloch

F75M4 (Repechage): Senfft -vs- Pedersen


Flight 76

F76M1 (Repechage): Tulloch -vs- Hazard

F76M2 (Repechage): Senfft -vs- Groeneveld

F76M3 (Repechage): Kjellberg -vs- Pedersen

F76M4 (Repechage): Gonçalves -vs- Echegoyen


Flight 77

F77M1 (Repechage): Price -vs- Lehtinen

F77M2 (Repechage): Groeneveld -vs- Hahlbrock

F77M3 (Repechage): Roca Mata -vs- Souter

F77M4 (Repechage): Paoli -vs- Macgregor


Flight 78

F78M1 (Repechage): Roca Mata -vs- Hahlbrock

F78M2 (Repechage): Groeneveld -vs- Souter

F78M3 (Repechage): Price -vs- Macgregor

F78M4 (Repechage): Paoli -vs- Lehtinen


Flight 79

F79M1 (Repechage): Groeneveld -vs- Price

F79M2 (Repechage): Hahlbrock -vs- Lehtinen

F79M3 (Repechage): Paoli -vs- Roca Mata

F79M4 (Repechage): Macgregor -vs- Souter


Flight 80

F80M1 (Repechage): Paoli -vs- Groeneveld

F80M2 (Repechage): Roca Mata -vs- Price

F80M3 (Repechage): Hahlbrock -vs- Macgregor

F80M4 (Repechage): Lehtinen -vs- Souter


Wednesday 14th December

Quarter Finals

Flight 87

F87M1 (Quarter Final 1): Kjellberg -vs- Leroy

F87M2 (Quarter Final 2): Macgregor -vs- Mulder

F87M3 (Quarter Final 3): Price -vs- Skudina

F87M4 (Quarter Final 4): Souter -vs- Tunnicliffe


Flight 88

F88M1 (Quarter Final 1): Leroy -vs- Kjellberg

F88M2 (Quarter Final 2): Mulder -vs- Macgregor

F88M3 (Quarter Final 3): Skudina -vs- Price

F88M4 (Quarter Final 4): Tunnicliffe -vs- Souter


Flight 89

F89M1 (Quarter Final 1): Kjellberg -vs- Leroy

F89M2 (Quarter Final 2): Macgregor -vs- Mulder

F89M3 (Quarter Final 3): Price -vs- Skudina

F89M4 (Quarter Final 4): Souter -vs- Tunnicliffe


Flight 90

F90M1 (Quarter Final 1): Leroy -vs- Kjellberg

F90M2 (Quarter Final 2): Mulder -vs- Macgregor

F90M3 (Quarter Final 3): Skudina -vs- Price

F90M4 (Quarter Final 4): Tunnicliffe -vs- Souter


Flight 91

F91M1 (Quarter Final 1): Kjellberg -vs- Leroy

F91M2 (Quarter Final 2): Macgregor -vs- Mulder

F91M3 (Quarter Final 3): Price -vs- Skudina

F91M4 (Quarter Final 4): Souter -vs- Tunnicliffe


Thursday 15th December

Semi Finals

Flight 92

F92M1 (Semi Final 1): Macgregor -vs- Leroy

F92M2 (Semi Final 2): Skudina -vs- Tunnicliffe


Flight 93

F93M1 (Semi Final 1): Leroy -vs- Macgregor

F93M2 (Semi Final 2): Tunnicliffe -vs- Skudina


Flight 94

F94M1 (Semi Final 1): Macgregor -vs- Leroy

F94M2 (Semi Final 2): Skudina -vs- Tunnicliffe


Flight 95

F95M1 (Semi Final 1): Leroy -vs- Macgregor

F95M2 (Semi Final 2): Tunnicliffe -vs- Skudina


Flight 96

F96M1 (Semi Final 1): Macgregor -vs- Leroy

F96M2 (Semi Final 2): Skudina -vs- Tunnicliffe


5th to 8th

Flight 97

F97M1 (Sail Off 1): Mulder -vs- Kjellberg

F97M2 (Sail Off 2): Price -vs- Souter


Flight 98

F98M1 (7th/8th): Price -vs- Mulder

F98M1 (5th/6th): Souter -vs- Kjellberg


Friday 16th December

Finals & Petit Finals

Flight 111

F111M1 (Petit Final): Skudina -vs- Leroy


Flight 112

F112M1 (Petit Final): Leroy -vs- Skudina


Flight 113

F113M1 (Finals): Macgregor -vs- Tunnicliffe

F113M2 (Petit Final): Skudina -vs- Leroy


Flight 114

F114M1 (Finals): Tunnicliffe -vs- Macgregor

F114M2 (Petit Final): Leroy -vs- Skudina


Flight 115

F115M1 (Finals): Macgregor -vs- Tunnicliffe

F115M2 (Petit Final): Skudina -vs- Leroy


Flight 116

F116M1 (Finals): Tunnicliffe -vs- Macgregor


Flight 117

F117M1 (Finals): Macgregor -vs- Tunnicliffe


Flight 118

F118M1 (Finals): Tunnicliffe -vs- Macgregor


Flight 119

F119M1 (Finals): Macgregor -vs- Tunnicliffe