Anna Tunnicliffe (Plantation, FL)

sailing with Molly Vandemoer and Debbie Capozzi

Sally Barkow (Nashotah, WI)

sailing with Elizabeth Kratzig-Burnham and Alana O’Reilly

Genny Tulloch (Sausalito, CA)

sailing with Jennifer Chamberlin and Alice Manard

Maegan Ruhlman (Cleveland, OH)

sailing with Martha Fisher and Abby Rowlands

Becca Dellenbaugh (Brookline, MA)

sailing with Katie Pettibone and Janel Zarkowsky

Stephanie Roble (East Troy, WI)

sailing with Darby Smith and Maggie Shea

Sandy Hayes (Scituate, MA)

sailing with Carol Arnold and Cindy Olsen

Kaity Storck (Huntington, NY)

sailing with Sarah Lihan and Emily Babbitt