Schedule for Saturday 11th June

It's the big day -- the finals are between Macgregor (GBR) and Tunnicliffe (USA). Petit finals (3rd/4th) are Barkow (USA) and Leroy (FRA). Racing due to start 10am just under the cliffs at Nothe Fort in Weymouth.



Flight 48

F48M1 (Petit Finals): Leroy -vs- Barkow

F48M2 (Finals): Tunnicliffe -vs- Macgregor


Flight 49

F49M1 (Petit Finals): Barkow -vs- Leroy

F49M2 (Finals): Macgregor -vs- Tunnicliffe


Flight 50

F50M1 (Petit Finals): Leroy -vs- Barkow

F50M2 (Finals): Tunnicliffe -vs- Macgregor


Flight 51

F51M1 (Finals): Macgregor -vs- Tunnicliffe


Flight 52

F52M1 (Finals): Tunnicliffe -vs- Macgregor