The ISAF Nations Cup is a global competition to find the world's top match racing nation and to develop match racing infrastructure around the world. Teams compete in Women's and Open divisions in a series of Regional Finals with the top crews meeting at the Grand Final.


Women's Division


Claire Leroy (France)

Genny Tulloch (United States of America)

Juliana Senfft (Brazil)

Mandy Mulder (Netherlands)

Rita Gonçalves (Portugal)

Olivia Price (Australia)

Katarzyna Pic (Poland)

Ru Wang (China, PR)

Dominique Provoyeur (South Africa)

Sharon Ferris-Choat (Canada)


Open Division


Mads Ebler (Denmark)

Laurie Jury (New Zealand)

Przemek Tarnacki (Poland)

Henrique Haddad (Brazil)

Stratis Andreadis (Greece)

Shawn Bennett (United States of America)

Peter Wickwire (Canada)

Yasar Celal Tümsen (Turkey)

Lucy Macgregor (Great Britain)